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Avfuel In the News

Change & Compliance: Avplan Explains the Latest North Atlantic Regulations

EVA / Spring 2018 Within its support effort for business and VIP aviation customers, Avfuel’s Avplan Trip Support division is drawing attention to significant rule changes contained in the 2018-001 North Atlantic (NAT) Operations Bulletin, highlighting what flight operations departments need to know to ensure safe, compliant flight planning in the future. The rule changes concern new separation minima for optimised flying in the North Atlantic Organised Track System (OTS) and come into force on 29 March 2018.

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Industry Insider: Avfuel's Craig R. Sincock

Business Jet Traveler / Jennifer Leach English / April/May 2018 - When Avfuel president and CEO Craig Sincock acquired Avfuel in 1983, it had fewer than a dozen employees; since then, he has built it into one of the world’s leading aviation fuel suppliers, as well as a provider of such services as flight planning. The Ann Arbor, Michigan–based business—which has more than 4,000 customers—boasts more than 3,000 locations around the world, including 650 Avfuel-branded dealers throughout the U.S. and Europe.

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The Hottest Private Aviation Trends, From New Aircraft To New Ways To Access Private Jets

Forbes / Doug Gollan / February 2018 - Last month, we asked business aviation CEOs to give their reports on how’s business. In this follow-up, the Bizav leaders highlight key trends impacting private aviation. From apps and mobile bookings to new aircraft type, used aircraft sales, wealth creation, new tax rules, pilot shortages, new types of membership programs, jet cards, fractional ownership, the environment and even freight, we look at what's happening now and what's on the horizon.

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2018 CEO BizAv Outlook: Aircraft Sales, Charter, Jet Cards, Pilot Shortages, Fuel Prices And Taxes

Forbes / Doug Gollan / January 2018 - What’s the business outlook for business aviation? Will this be the year that sales of used aircraft are strong enough that the sellers become buyers of new private jets? Has pricing stabilized? What's happening across fractional ownership, jet cards and on-demand charter? Is the industry expanding or just treading water. What about fuel prices? How will the new tax scheme in the U.S. impact the industry? Is there a pilot shortage coming? Are new business models getting traction? How did 2017 end? What's the outlook for 2018? We called into the corner offices of over 30 industry CEOs and asked them to look into their crystal ball and share with readers what they are seeing.

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Fueling Safety From Refinery to Wingtip: What Really Goes Into Clean, Dry Fuel

Airport Business / November 2017 / Randy Harrison  - Nearly every FBO advertises it, but it is something the aviation community often takes for granted until there is an issue: clean, dry fuel. When fueling an aircraft, we expect the fuel to be nothing less than on specification — after all, for it to be anything but could be harmful to the aircraft, and the pilots and passengers inside. But what does it take to fuel safely with clean, dry product? And how do operations ensure it stays that way? At the end of the day, or the beginning of a trip, selecting an operation that provides quality fuel is more important than saving a few cents a gallon — what’s at stake is far more valuable.

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