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Swift Fuels UL94 - A near-term solution in unleaded avgas

UL94: Product Overview

Swift’s UL94 is a 94+ Motor-Octane aviation gasoline without Tetraethyllead that meets the ASTM D7547 Unleaded Avgas specification. UL94 is also rated as a super-premium ethanol-free auto-gasoline with a 99 octane (R+M)/2 rating that meets and exceeds the ASTM D4814 autofuel specification.


UL94 Unleaded Avgas has an identical density to 100LL, meaning weight and balance calculations will not change by using UL94. UL94 weighs 5.9 pounds per gallon: identical to 100LL and is currently colored clear (“water white” as defined by ASTM International) and smells like a mild version of 100LL, which is less pungent than Autogas which typically has about 25 – 50% aromatics.

UL94 Unleaded Avgas satisfies the minimum octane requirements of over 125,000 aircraft (66% of the US piston fleet) as a "Drop-in Ready" Unleaded Avgas. It requires no modifications and no hardware changes.

UL94 has been produced by Swift Fuels at their Indiana fuel facility since 2015. 


Join the Movement!

Environmentally-conscious operations, like jetCenters of Colorado, are reaching for no-lead solutions to help pilots fly cleaner and care for their communities. Reach out to your Avfuel contact to get the conversation on unleaded supply started.

Video produced by Colorado Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics.

If you are interested in purchasing UL94, please contact your Avfuel sales representative.  


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