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Ground Handling Avplan has established relationships with ground handlers around the world. We’ll locate, arrange and confirm quality ground handling for each leg of your trip, as well as assist with securing any necessary maintenance and aircraft support. Particularly in areas where the familiar FBO system is not the norm, Avplan’s handling experience and relationships provide significant comfort to passengers and crew.

Handling services may include (but are not limited to):
Maintenance arrangements 
Hotel accommodations 
Ground transportation 
Complete catering 
Security services 
Cabin cleaning 
Pax handling 


Avplan can arrange fuel anywhere you fly. We’ll analyze your route, specific needs and customer preferences to determine the best fueling options with your bottom line in mind. 

Avplan customers have an additional, automatic advantage when it comes to fuel. Avplan is backed by Avfuel Corporation, with a network of 3,500+ Avfuel Contract Fuel locations strategically located around the globe. Avfuel Contract Fuel offers significant benefits to flight departments and operators, including:

Worldwide network;  new locations added daily
Less-than-retail rates
Convenient online account management
Simplified invoicing and billing
No annual fees or uplift minimums
No foreign transaction fees
24/7/365 fuel service
Dedicated support staff
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A variety of flexible credit options for fuel and related services may be available dependent upon specific needs and qualifications – Avplan will work with you to find the most beneficial solution.

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