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Comprehensive, single-source solution for Commercial Aviation

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Full-load/FBO Supply: Worldwide network; proven reliability

Avfuel's robust supply network, extensive transportation infrastructure, and long-term agreements with over 50 refiners at over 300 terminals mean uninterrupted, reliable fuel supply for customers around the globe. Our ultra-responsive dispatch team works around the clock to coordinate deliveries, stay abreast of the landscape, and arrange extra fuel for peak time periods. Avfuel's dispatch team is available 24/7/365, meaning customers are never left without options.

Flight Departments/Operators:  Save on fuel around the globe with the Avfuel  Pro Card

The Avfuel Pro Card provides cardholders with access to Avfuel Contract Fuel, meaning your operation is eligible for less-than-retail rates on jet fuel at over 3,500 locations around the world. Search for participating locations and arrange fuel authorizations easily online – or work directly with the Avfuel Contract Fuel team, on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always available to match you to your best fuel options. Simplified invoicing and billing streamline bookkeeping processes, saving valuable time in addition to money. 

Contact us today at +1.734.272.4114 to discuss how the Avfuel Pro Card can help your operation save money on fuel. 


Commercial Fuel: A comprehensive, single-source solution.

The combination of Avfuel’s worldwide supplier network, experienced logistics team and competitive pricing allows for stable supply, maximum procurement efficiencies and fuel savings.    We can deliver into-storage or directly into the wing of the aircraft and arrange for scheduled airline, charter, corporate or cargo and ad-hoc fuel supply.  Our commercial fuel team is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and reliable.  Contact us today at +1.734.272.4114 for pricing and location information.

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