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Avfuel's Fuel Handling and Fire Safety Seminar for Supervisors


February 19-20, 2019



Tampa, Florida
sponsored by Sheltair Aviation (KTPA)

Host FBO / Fly In Location

Sheltair Aviation
Tampa Airport (KTPA)
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Seminar Location

Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore
2225 N. Lois Ave., Tampa, FL 33607


Hotel Information

Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore
2225 N. Lois Ave., Tampa, FL 33607

Avfuel Block Rates (excluding fees and taxes)
Valid 2-18-19 to 2-21-19
$175.00 USD / night – King Bed (single)
$175.00 USD / night – Queen Bed (double)
Must book by January 31, 2019

Phone: (813) 877-6688


Please RSVP by January 31, 2019




Attend Avfuel's QA and Fire Safety Seminar and learn more about fuel handling, how to conduct QA tests, how the tests work, and why the tests are important for FBOs.  You will also learn part 139 fire training and stronger safety practices from those who know it best!

February 19-20, 2019

Sponsored by Sheltair Aviation
Tampa, FL (KTPA)


Please RSVP by January 31, 2019

Day 1: February 19, 8am - 5pm

Introduction and Orientation
Fire & Safety Training
Leaks and Spills
General Operations
Aviation Fuels and Additives
Fuel System Ice Inhibitor (FSII)
Contaminants and Fuel Quality Testing

Day 2: February 20, 8am - 5pm

Procedures for Receiving a Load of Aviation Fuel
Aviation Fueling Components
Proper Operation and Maintenance of Fuel Storage Systems
Proper Operation of Refueling Equipment
Driving Safety
Fuel Transfers
Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Hands-on Exercises at Local Airport / FBO

Seminar is free; breakfast and lunch are also provided.

Registration limited to two attendees from each FBO / organization.


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