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Avfuel: The Network of Independent FBOs
We’re Focused on the Success of your FBODeveloping Effective, Original Solutions
More Training for Your MoneyAvfuel’s Training Systems are Charged Per Company Not Per Seat.

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Fuel Your Success. Partner with Avfuel.

Your All-Round Aviation Services Facilitator.

Avfuel’s robust supply network combined with its proprietary training and operational systems gives FBOs and airports an ideal fuel partner that can help attract new business and grow loyalty among existing customers. 

With Avfuel as a partner, independent FBOs can harness the power of a global network and a widely-recognized brand, while maintaining a sense of individual identity—our supply and branding systems are customized to you.

Benefit from a complete portfolio of solutions that support your business along the entire fuel supply chain … 

Reliable Fuel Supply

Relationships with 90+ refiners and 300+ terminals ensure a redundant supply base, meaning Avfuel’s branded FBOs receive the fuel they need, when they need it, at a competitive price.

Increased Sales

With proven solutions—including Avfuel Contract Fuel and AVTRIP loyalty rewards—and an in-house sales team dedicated to you, Avfuel leverages relationships with thousands of flight departments to drive more traffic to your ramp. 

Enhanced Visibility

Avfuel’s branding program puts you in front of more prospects through the power of a globally-recognized brand with digital listings, signage, collateral (including mats, uniform patches, windsocks, etc.), and premier space at industry conventions. To support this effort, Avfuel’s dedicated in-house marketing team offers free assistance.

AVTANK® Refueling Equipment Solutions

Avtank—Avfuel's original equipment manufacturer—designs, engineers, manufactures and leases both ramp-approved refueling equipment and fuel storage tanks. Avtank further supports these products by distributing any necessary parts, supplies, equipment and training materials, and providing installation, repair and maintenance services. Additionally, Avtank houses the Avfuel Quality Assurance team, which provides training and troubleshooting services for partners who handle fuel.  

Operation Support

Our Avfinance® program supports customers in need of credit services to handle their unique equipment and operational needs. Avfinance offers a variety of specific financial lending services to fit your existing requirements with a view toward future growth potential. 

Professional Training

At Avfuel, safety is our top priority. That’s why our quality assurance team created the FAA-approved online Avfuel Training System. As a cost-effective, easy-to-use training resource, your employees can be trained on a variety of topics/lessons: 

  • FAA-approved line service fuel safety training
  • FAA-approved supervisory fuel safety training
  • Ramp safety
  • Customer service
  • Front counter operations

Unmatched Support

With a 100% dedication to aviation, Avfuel’s constantly listening to its customers’ needs and adapting its solutions to provide better support. It’s this culture that’s lead to a variety of programs that benefit Avfuel-branded FBOs and their customers, including: The Avfuel Hub web-based payment processing system, in-house flight planning and trip support, insurance solutions, carbon offsetting, a fully-staffed domestic and international tax department, credit services and so much more. Find out how Avfuel can best serve your operation.

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