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Committed to Sustainability: Fly Cleaner for a Brighter Future 

Avfuel is committed to identifying, developing, providing and advocating for sustainable solutions, making it Avfuel’s duty to promote environmentally responsible operations at its properties and throughout the Avfuel Network, in addition to facilitating initiatives to help customers reach their sustainability goals.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Now Offering Neste MY SAF

Avfuel is proud to partner with Neste—a leading provider of renewable and circular solutions—to supply its Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel product to Avfuel’s customer base.

ogether, Avfuel and Neste are responding to aviation’s demand for SAF, supporting aviation’s sustainability goals and enhancing supply availability at a commercial scale, filling an immense gap in the industry’s supply chain. But more than a new supply chain, the companies’ partnership affords a meaningful way to help fight climate change.

Continuous supply is now available at Million Air Burbank (KBUR), Monterey Jet Center (KMRY), Sonoma Jet Center (KSTS), Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX), Truckee Tahoe Airport District (KTRK) and Atlantic Aviation in Aspen (KASE). Additional locations forthcoming.

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Carbon Offsets: Start purchasing through Avfuel today

The Avfuel team is committed to helping the industry reach its carbon neutrality goals. As part of this initiative, we offer our customers a voluntary carbon offset program for a small additional per gallon fee to help reach net zero by purchasing carbon credits that invest in green projects.  

Every carbon credit you purchase offsets approximately 100 gallons of jet fuel. Avfuel’s carbon credit calculator is based on an industry-standardized formula, measured in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14064 Standard, and utilizing carbon dioxide emission coefficients as assigned by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. 

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SAF is the most effective way to reduce a flight’s carbon footprint. It’s one more way to reach a business’ or airport’s sustainability goals, and earn good will amongst stakeholders and communities. Download the SAF Guide.

Book and Claim: SAF Wherever You Fly

Avfuel’s expanding SAF availability to customers throughout the world with its book and claim offering. Now, customers can buy a full truckload of SAF and receive credit for the emissions reductions benefit it provides no matter where they are in relation to where the fuel is delivered.

How it Works
With Avfuel’s book and claim program, a customer can purchase SAF (the claim) no matter where they’re located—paying the premium cost for SAF over jet fuel and, in return, receiving the credit for its use and applying it to their environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores. This SAF is taken off the book at an airport where the physical SAF molecules are held and being uplifted by customers who are simply paying for jet fuel and do not get to claim credit toward using SAF.

Customers who are interested in purchasing SAF through Avfuel’s book and claim program are encouraged to contact Keith Sawyer, manager of alternative fuels, at [email protected] or by reaching out to their designated area manager at 734.663.6466.

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Unleaded Avgas: Leading the NO LEAD Solution with G100UL

Avfuel is proud to collaborate with General Aviation Modifications, Inc., (GAMI) by providing its distribution expertise for the engineering company’s high-octane unleaded avgas: G100ULTM.

In July 2021, the FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) authorizing use of G100UL high-octane unleaded avgas. GAMI elected to follow the well-established FAA Approved Model List (AML) STC process whereby the FAA issues the initial STCs with an AML of specific aircraft and engines, and then progressively expands the scope of that AML based on additional testing and data. 

As the Approved Model List for these STCs expands over the next several quarters, it will provide the functional equivalent of a fleet-wide certification for spark ignition piston powered aircraft and engines to operate on G100UL avgas. 

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Learn More About Avfuel’s Sustainability Initiatives

Keith Sawyer | Manager of Alternative Fuels | [email protected] | Mobile: 925.989.0479 | Avfuel's Office: 734.663.6466

Sustainability, Driven by Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation. Supporting industry development is important to Avfuel, which is why it created Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation. Founded in January of 2012, the company’s mission is to further industry advancements, including bio and renewable fuels on several fronts, and no-lead avgas replacements, domestically and internationally. In addition to the development of these products, Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation thinks through the logistics of market introduction to help ensure any new product is sustainable, reliable, competitively priced, and fairly accessible.


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