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Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation

Flying Cleaner for a Brighter Future

Supporting industry development is important to Avfuel, which is why it created Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation. Founded in January of 2012, the company’s mission is to further industry advancements, including bio and renewable fuels on several fronts, and no-lead avgas replacements, domestically and internationally. In addition to the development of these products, Avfuel Technology Initiatives Corporation thinks through the logistics of market introduction to help ensure any new product is sustainable, reliable, competitively priced, and fairly accessible. 

"As a leader in the global supply of aviation fuel and services, we have a social responsibility to make sustainable alternative jet fuel a reality in the marketplace."

 – Craig R. Sincock, President & CEO 



As posted on AINonline | October 2018

The buzz around sustainable alternative jet fuel has grown to an all-time high in 2018, having picked up momentum this spring following the release of May 2018’s Business Aviation Guide: To the Use of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF). Since then, excitement has sustained as business aviation operators patiently await the products’ availability in the market. While some of its commercial aviation counterparts begin inaugural flights utilizing SAJF, bizav operators continue to wait. Nevertheless, Avfuel’s experts in alternative fuels confirm that progress is being made on this front, and that sustainable alternative fuels should remain a priority and focus for suppliers and operators alike.

Though aviation—and business aviation in particular—is one of the last modes of transportation to adopt environmentally-friendly fuel sources, it’s not from a lack of effort. Rather, it’s quite the opposite. Aircraft, more than any other type of machinery, require heightened safety considerations. And now that a safe, viable sustainable jet fuel product has been developed, the challenge is in the supply and logistics. But—as the old adage goes—all good things are worth the wait. And this sustainable alternative jet fuel product is no exception to the rule.

Here’s why sustainable alternative jet fuel is beneficial, why it’s not yet available in the business aviation community, what Avfuel is doing to make it available, and what flight departments can do to support the effort as a key component to bringing the product to market.



Avfuel announces a significant milestone in its sustainable fuels initiative as it enters into an agreement with Gevo, Inc.—a leading next generation biofuels company—effective July 1, 2018. With the agreement, Avfuel becomes Gevo’s exclusive aviation fuel distributor of the sustainable alternative jet fuel portion of Gevo’s renewable hydrocarbon products to business aviation and its entire portfolio of customers. 

Craig Sincock, owner, president and CEO of Avfuel said, “…Our agreement with Gevo is a notable component in our overall strategy to support our industry’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability to mitigate its effect on climate change.”


Works with GAMA, NBAA, NATA and IBAC.

Collaborated with industry organizations to research and produce May 2018’s Business Aviation Guide: To the Use of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF)—released at EBACE.

Presented SAJF initiatives to GAMA Board and Environmental Committee, NATA membership and NBAA Leadership Board.

Avfuel representative involved in the Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative (PAFI) since its inception, serving as a representative for the distribution and transportation systems as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee.

Meet the Team

Keith Sawyer, manager of alternate fuels for Avfuel, dedicates his time leading all aspects of evaluating the sustainable alternative jet fuel market and its suppliers while representing Avfuel within the environmental and fuel supply chain groups associated with GAMA, NBAA, NATA and IBAC. 

Al Pease—physicist,  former Naval Aviator and Nasdaq company CEO—serves as Avfuel Technology Initiatives’ director of alternate fuels for avgas. In his role, Pease dedicates his time identifying, researching, and assessing potential market-driven unleaded avgas replacement solutions.

Alternative Fuels Contact

Keith Sawyer

Manager Alternate Fuels

Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel



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