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What does it mean for you?

This FBO chooses to subscribe to the Avfuel Training System (ATS).

This comprehensive, online training program offers valuable instruction on safe procedures and industry best practices for rampside, front counter and customer care services. As a cost-effective solution for new and recurrent training, all Avfuel-branded FBOs have access to the best training solutions possible so pilots and passengers can rest easy knowing they’re in adept hands when flying in the Avfuel Network.

Customers who have completed the Avfuel Training System are proficient in the following areas:

  • Fuel Handling and Fire Safety
  • Aviation Fuels and Additives
  • Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII)
  • Contaminants and Fuel Testing Methods
  • Procedures for Receiving a Load of Aviation Fuel
  • Aviation Fueling Components
  • Fuel Storage Systems
  • Mobile Refueling Equipment
  • Aircraft Fueling and General Operations
  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Aircraft Towing Equipment
  • Aircraft Towing Procedures
  • Record Keeping Best Practices
  • De-icing and Anti-icing Introduction
  • De-icing and Anti-icing Fluid Handling Procedures
  • De-icing and Anti-icing Fluid Application
  • General Aviation Security



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