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Fly Louie and Avfuel Launch the Fly Louie Card

NEW YORK, NY / July 17, 2020 / General Aviation News - Starting this week, operators in the Fly Louie Alliance can enjoy streamlined transactions with the new Fly Louie Card, powered by Avfuel.

The card is tied to Avfuel accounts and automatically unlocks Fly Louie rates throughout its preferred FBO network, making fuel purchases easier than ever before and saving Fly Louie Alliance members an average of $.40/gallon at 30+ locations, including some of the most visited general aviation airports. Previously, Fly Louie customers used a variety of payment methods--retail and contract alike.

The Fly Louie Card also offers the same benefits as the Avfuel Pro Card, including: automatically unlocking Avfuel Contract Fuel rates at more than 3,000 global locations; allowing for fuel and non-fuel purchases; saving operators money with no annual or transaction fees; allowing for safe, touch-free processing; streamlining operations with detailed billing from one supplier and only one receivable to manage; backed by 24/7/365 support; and providing the ability to request fuel authorizations online.

Fly Louie CEO, Julia Takeda, said: “Through this partnership, our fuel program becomes even more attractive to the growing Fly Louie Alliance membership base thanks to the sophistication and industry-leading reputation of Avfuel. We expect more than 800 aircraft will fly with the new card by September.”

Both Avfuel and Fly Louie are enthusiastic about the partnership and look forward to working together to bring simple savings solutions to their mutual customers.

“Many of our Alliance members already know and trust Avfuel,” said Eytan Kurshan, Fly Louie COO. “The Avfuel team has extensive experience implementing card programs for the private aviation industry. Fly Louie Alliance members will appreciate the ability to seamlessly process transactions.”

Launched in October 2019, the Fly Louie Alliance is a free program that offers independent charter operators the benefits of scale while preserving their independence. Known for customer care, it has already grown to more than 100 independent operators.

Jonathan Boyle, vice president of contract fuel for Avfuel, said, “We are proud to align ourselves with Fly Louie—an organization that shares our focus on the customer experience; we are excited about the opportunity to expand the Avfuel Contract Fuel program with this new alliance.”

PR Contact, Fly Louie: Amy McAllister, CMO, 646-300-1270, [email protected]

PR Contact, Avfuel: Marci Ammerman, VP Marketing, 734-663-6466, [email protected]


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