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Connecting the World: Avfuel president and CEO, Craig Sincock, on the strategic vision behind Avfuel's rapid growth

Business Aviation Magazine / Winter 2018 - Just like any commodity-driven business, the aim for fuel suppliers is, naturally, to sell more fuel. But when you sit down with Avfuel’s president and CEO, Craig Sincock, it becomes immediately evident that the company’s interest is in so much more than pushing a commodity.

“I say it all the time: We’re not in the business of simply selling fuel and services—we’re in the business of connecting people, companies and cultures,” said Sincock. 

And that guiding principal is what has helped grow the company these past 45 years. It’s a sentiment that reverberates throughout the entire organization and constantly reminds every employee to what they are contributing. It’s not about the fuel. It’s about the connections.


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