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Industry Insider: Avfuel's Craig R. Sincock

Business Jet Traveler / Jennifer Leach English / April/May 2018 - When Avfuel president and CEO Craig Sincock acquired Avfuel in 1983, it had fewer than a dozen employees; since then, he has built it into one of the world’s leading aviation fuel suppliers, as well as a provider of such services as flight planning. The Ann Arbor, Michigan–based business—which has more than 4,000 customers—boasts more than 3,000 locations around the world, including 650 Avfuel-branded dealers throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Sincock’s unbridled joy about his job and pride in his company appear to be infectious to everyone around him, and may help explain why more than 10 percent of the 200 employees at Avfuel headquarters have been with the company longer than two decades. Our interview took place on the last day of the EBACE business aviation show in Geneva—the end of a notoriously busy week that leaves most exhibitors exhausted—but Sincock exuded energy and enthusiasm when we spoke.


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