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Fuel Prices on Slow Burn

AIN / Curt Epstein / April 5, 2017 - As business aviation continues its slow rebound from the economic downturn that began nearly nine years ago, the number of operations in the U.S. have been climbing since 2010 and, according to industry data provider Argus, business aviation logged gains in flight activity for 11 of the 12 calendar months last year. For the year, flights were up 3.2 percent and flight hours were up 3.8 percent over 2015.

Against this backdrop, the price of jet-A last year was the lowest in a decade, averaging $3.31 a gallon nationwide (25 cents less than in 2015), according to industry fuel data provider Fuelerlinx. The decrease corresponds with data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which shows a 30-cent year-over-year decline in the refiners’ wholesale per gallon price for U.S. kerosene-type jet fuel, which at an average of $1.29 a gallon was the lowest in a decade. “Last year’s cheap prices, whether for gasoline, diesel or for jet fuel, were the lowest since 2004,” said Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis for industry data provider Oil Price Information Service. “This year it’s going to be modestly more expensive.”


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