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Notification of change in payment remittance details

As of March 1, 2019, Avfuel Limited is transitioning from HSBC to a new banking partner—Barclays Bank—and is requesting its customers submit payments to the new Barclays Bank account from this date forward.

This notice is intended to add authenticity and reassurance of this process. In addition, the new bank details will also appear on our invoices going forward.


Q: How does this impact me? 

As a valued customer of Avfuel Limited, this change means that from March 1, 2019, all future payments will be made to the Barclays account outlined in an email communication dated February 22, 2019 and a letter mailed February 25, 2019.

Q: Does this include invoices dated before March 1, 2019?

Yes, all invoices old and new should be paid to the new bank account. All future invoices dated from March 1, 2019 will include the new bank account details in the remittance section.
Q: What if I need a new vendor form completed to make the vendor changes in our system?
Avfuel is already an existing supplier, as such this formal notification should be sufficient for you to amend your supplier records.
Q: When does this change take effect?
The new bank account will be effective on March 1, 2019.
Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please make contact with our accounts receivable supervisor, Alan Poslaiko.
+1 734-663-6466 ext. 305  |  [email protected].
Q: What if I remit payment to both HSBC and Comerica Bank?
For any payments you are currently remitting to Comerica Bank, there is no change. As of March 1, 2019, payments that were directed to HSBC will need to be remitted to Barclays Bank.
Q: Specifically, what are the new banking details for remitting payment to Barclays Bank?

GBP Account

IBAN: GB41BARC20095270152552
Sort Code & Account Number: 200952 70152552

EUR Account
IBAN: GB72BARC20095256530866
Sort Code & Account Number: 200952 56530866

USD Account
IBAN: GB27BARC20095278712666
Sort Code & Account Number: 200952 78712666

Swift Code: BARCGB22

Bank Name: Barclays Bank Plc

Bank Address: 1 Churchill Place, E14 5HP, London, United Kingdom



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