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Card Solutions for Every Operation

Avfuel recognizes that aviators and operators desire advantageous solutions to streamline fuel purchasing and reward loyalty. Avfuel’s cards are recognized throughout a global network of locations and offer numerous benefits. Cardholders never pay annual fees or transaction fees, and all accounts can be managed easily online. Invoices and statements are simplified for efficient record-keeping.  

Avfuel Pro Card

You're no amateur when it comes to fuel purchasing.  That's why Avfuel created the Avfuel Pro Card – one card that does the work of an entire card portfolio.

Zero Fees. Fuel and Non-Fuel.

There are no fees on the Avfuel Pro Card, and both fuel and non-fuel items can be purchased with the card.

One Card, One Invoice.

Cardholders have the option to receive one invoice for both Avfuel Contract Fuel and retail fuel transactions. Use one card; receive one invoice. It's that simple.

Multi-use Technology

The Avfuel Pro card can be used for Avfuel Contract Fuel, retail fuel, or non-fuel flight expenses (no fuel purchase required) anywhere within the Avfuel Network.

Worldwide Availability 

With more than 675 Avfuel-branded FBOs and 3,000 Avfuel Contract Fuel locations worldwide, the Avfuel Pro Card has you covered no matter where you fly.

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Avfuel Retail Card

The Avfuel Retail Card allows you to purchase fuel and FBO services at over 600 Avfuel-branded dealers. The Avfuel Retail Card has no annual fee, and cardholders can search for locations and manage accounts online.

Cards must be issued in a company name with a $4000 maximum credit allowance.

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AVTRIP Rewards Card

The AVTRIP program is Avfuel's way of saying THANK YOU for flying within our FBO network. 

As a registered participant:

  • Earn AVTRIP points each time you refuel at one of over 500 participating FBOs.
  • Avfuel accelerates the points in your account by giving you FREE points - boosting you toward 5,000 points FASTER.
  • For every 5,000 AVTRIP Points accumulated, members receive a $25 cash award. Awards are issued automatically - there's no complicated redemption process.

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