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What is AVTRIP?

AVTRIP is the aviation industry's most popular and preferred loyalty program. It rewards members with points that translate to awards for flying and buying within the Avfuel Network of participating FBOs.

AVTRIP members collect points toward awards each time they fuel at any FBO participating in AVTRIP. The number of points awarded per gallon (or liter) is based on the member’s AVTRIP Tier status: Silver, Gold or Platinum. Additionally, AVTRIP “accelerates” the points in members’ accounts by awarding additional free points based on the member’s tier and current point balance.


AVTRIP provides frequent FBO-specific or Network-wide promotions and coupons, as well as online point opportunities (Facebook, Twitter,, etc.) so members can collect more points for both fuel and non-fuel activities. Members can even earn points on their car reservations through Go Rentals and on their Avplan Trip Support service (one point for every dollar spent on international planning services provided by Avplan).

Every group of 5,000 AVTRIP Points is automatically redeemed for a $25 check, which is sent to the member by postal mail at the end of the calendar year.

Does AVTRIP cost anything to join?

No, AVTRIP is free to join!


Who can join AVTRIP?

Anyone involved in fuel purchasing and aviation can enroll in AVTRIP to start collecting points. Members can also choose to collect points in the name of another individual, like a child or spouse, by having the award go directly to that individual.


How do I join AVTRIP?

Enroll in AVTRIP one of two simple ways:

1.Fill out the online application* on Avfuel's website.

2. Pick up, fill out and mail in an official paper AVTRIP application. Hard copy applications are available at participating Avfuel-branded FBOs. Use the member number printed on the paper application to start collecting points right away.

We'll issue you your unique AVTRIP member number and red AVTRIP card in approximately ten business days. 

Can I split AVTRIP points with another person?

Yes - present both cards/member numbers at the FBO and ask for the AVTRIP transaction to be split.


How do I link my AVTRIP account with my Contract Fuel account?

Yes – You really can save money on jet fuel and collect points at the same time! Many locations offer both programs. If the participating FBO awards AVTRIP Points for your contract fuel purchase, only purchases through Avfuel’s Contract Fuel program qualify.

• Log into your AVTRIP account and select Options; Link User

Enter your Contract Fuel username and select Send Link Request

Log out of your AVTRIP account, but be sure to continue this process via the same web browser 

• Log into your Contract Fuel account; Select Options; Notifications

Accept the request to link accounts


What is Avplan and how can I collect AVTRIP points on Avplan purchases?

Avplan Trip Support is Avfuel’s in-house flight planning company. AVTRIP Members collect one point for every dollar spent on international planning services. 

What is the acceleration point rate?

Avfuel awards AVTRIP Members with extra free points based on their AVTRIP Tier status. A member can move tiers by purchasing more fuel or visiting more AVTRIP-awarding locations. The tier determines the percentage rate at which the member's AVTRIP points grow. Silver: 8% annual rate; Gold: 10% annual rate; Platinum: 12% annual rate. In each case, the acceleration is compounded quarterly.    


When will AVTRIP accelerator points appear in my account?

Accelerator points are calculated and added to your account at the close of each quarter.


When do I get my awards?

Within the first month of the successive calendar year, you will receive a $25 AVTRIP award for each increment of 5,000 points you have in your account. Any points not included in a 5,000 point increment will roll forward to the next year. Awards are mailed to the address you have on file with AVTRIP. Be sure to keep your AVTRIP account information up to date. 


What happens to remaining points (under 5,000) in my balance after each 5,000 AVTRIP points are exchanged for $25 award(s)?

Any AVTRIP points that have not been converted to an AVTRIP Award (i.e. points under the amount of 5,000) will be rolled over into the next quarter, and will remain there and be added to your balance. 

What happens to my acceleration rate earnings if I was signed up for the triennial redemption schedule?

Participants who were enrolled in the triennial redemption program as of December 31, 2016, and have a point balance at that time, will be paid out in full in the first quarter of 2017 for those points regardless of the time remaining on the triennial schedule.  These  points will be paid out as if they had remained in the account until the end of the member’s triennial period and will be redeemed as AVTRIP Awards at the rate of $25 for each increment of 5,000 AVTRIP Points plus $.005 for each additional AVTRIP Point.

How long does it take to get my award in the mail?

Award checks take approximately four weeks for delivery. Awards are mailed to the address you have on file with AVTRIP. Be sure to keep your AVTRIP account information up to date.

Will I receive an AVTRIP statement?

Yes. AVTRIP statements are issued quarterly and can be viewed along with your transaction history by logging into your AVTRIP account.

Will I be issued a1099?

Avfuel will provide you with a 1099 if your cash awards exceed $600 in any year.

How do I manage my AVTRIP account?

Monitor your AVTRIP account by logging in to view your AVTRIP Account Dashboard. For any other questions, contact the AVTRIP Department at or 888-428-8747 ext . 263.

How long do AVTRIP Points take to appear in my account?

AVTRIP points usually require one to two days for processing; however, they can take as long as 10 days at the close of a quarter.

How do I make a point request for a recent AVTRIP fueling?

AVTRIP Points can take as long as ten days to appear in members’ account. If you feel that you are missing points and more than ten days have passed since the AVTRIP transaction, request missing points by logging into your AVTRIP account and filling out the Request Missing Points Form or by contacting our office via email or telephone. 

What is my AVTRIP member number and can I ever change it?

Your AVTRIP member number is your AVTRIP account number. this number does not change, although you can change your password as frequently as you wish.

How was my 2017 tier determined?

Your 2017 tier was determined by activity from Dec. 1, 2015 through Nov. 30, 2016. Going forward, tiers are determined by activity in the previous year. For example, activity from Jan. 1- Dec. 31, 2018 determines the tier for 2019.

How do I change tiers?

The Silver tier is the base tier of the AVTRIP program. In order to move to the Gold or Platinum tier:

Gold—either purchase 7,500 gallons of AVTRIP-earning fuel OR visit ten unique AVTRIP FBOs per year.
Platinum—either purchase 30,000 gallons of AVTRIP-earning fuel OR visit 25 unique AVTRIP FBOs per year. 

Your tier status is assessed at the end of each calendar year. Avfuel will send digital notification of your new year’s tier status. 


How will I know what my tier is?

Along with this information on your AVTRIP Account Dashboard, Avfuel will send digital notification of your tier status at the beginning of each calendar year.

Is my AVTRIP point balance affected when I change tiers?

No, your AVTRIP point balance will not be affected.

* The name "application" means that you are registering your information with our program. It involves no commitment and no fees. 


Keep me logged in should only be selected for a private computer. This will allow for a longer period of inactivity before signing you out.