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Avfuel’s Price Risk Management Program
Take the uncertainty out of your biggest variable cost: fuel.

Markets fluctuate, but your fuel price doesn’t have to. With Avfuel's flexible pricing solutions—fixed forward pricing and capped pricing—you have the means to mitigate financial risk by locking in today’s low fuel prices and protect your business from the possibility of substantial fuel price recoveries.

Capped Pricing
  • Cap your fuel prices for 12 - 24 months with flexible start dates
  • No fixed minimum prices and no minimum volume commitments
  • If prices go up, you pay your capped price
  • If prices decline, you pay the reduced spot price
  • Option to include carbon credits or SAF 
  • Experts work with you to determine the capped price with the greatest ROI potential
  • Upfront premium required

Fixed Forward Pricing
  • Buy a fixed monthly quantity of fuel at a fixed price for 12 – 36 months
  • If prices go up, you benefit from a lower fixed price
  • If prices go down, you still pay the fixed price, but 
    • Will have accurately budgeted your fuel spend 
    • May still benefit from a price decline within the contract term
  • Custom or fixed pricing for carbon credits and sustainable aviation fuel
  • Fully transparent market-based agreement with in-house expert support
  • Upfront security deposit required

Commit to Certainty. 

Contact your sales representative or call +1 734-663-6466 to see if you’re a good candidate for these unique programs.

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