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Avoid a Costly Mistake When Fueling

Business Aviation News / February 29, 2016When fueling an aircraft, it’s imperative to be proactive and monitor for fuel quality. Paying extra attention to fueling processes can pay off in preventing a costly mistake. Here are a few items to look for when fueling; however, this is by no means an exhaustive list:*

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There's No Debate: Avflight Preferred Locations for Politicians

FEBRUARY 26, 2016 / BUSINESS AVIATION NEWS / SAGINAW, MI – Avflight Corporation offers this year’s preferred FBO locations for Michigan debates—the GOP presidential debate on March 3 in Detroit and the Democratic presidential debate on March 6 in Flint—with prime fly-in locations for both sides of the aisle at DET and FNT.
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Woodgate Aviation (EGAA) Joins Avfuel Network

FEBRUARY 16, 2016 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS /BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND, – Woodgate Aviation is joining the Avfuel network operating out of its new, state-of-the-art hangar and office complex at Belfast International Airport. Ahead of its official opening, the hangar is already functioning at capacity, accommodating a variety of aircraft and carrying out maintenance work.
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March is Bringing the Madness to Million Air

FEBRUARY 22, 2016 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS / ANN ARBOR, MI - Participating Avfuel-branded Million Air FBO locations are helping customers score points of their own during March Madness, offering special AVTRIP Point opportunities and a chance for a weekend getaway.
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