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Avfuel Is Here to Support Your Operation Amid COVID-19
The collective efforts of our industry to navigate this unprecedented time has been remarkable. More than ever, please consider Avfuel a partner to keep you flying as we continue 24/7 operations while flattening the curve with remote work and meet your fuel and aviation needs with 45+ years of accrued resources.

We understand the difficulty of this situation for our industry—for you—and wanted to share some helpful resources for those who are maintaining business at this time. We will continue to share resources as we find them, so keep an eye on this page. 

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 From health care workers to those in aviation who report for work every day–

we are #ThankfulForTheFrontLine


Global/National Guidance

We urge everyone to continue following the guidance of reputable sources, including the:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

 World Health Organization (WHO)
 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

 U.S. Department of Homeland Security
 DHS Responds: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 U.S. Department of State
 Current Travel Advisories

 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

Analysis and Observations

Relief Bill for Aviation - March 26, 2020
 AINonline article

How Bizav Can Survive COVID-19 and Thrive - April 7, 2020
Free webinar hosted by AIN

ARGUS Aircraft Activity Report - April 7, 2020
March 2020 flight activity data

ARGUS Analysis of COVID-19's Impact on Bizav Flight Activity - April 21, 2020
Content updated daily

Avfuel News

Avfuel Manufactures PPE During COVID-19 Shortage - April 13, 2020
Avfuel's Avtank division joins the effort to make PPE for the medical community

AVTRIP Secures Tier Statuses through 2021
Out of appreciation for its customers and in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic's affect on flight activity, Avfuel is guaranteeing its AVTRIP members will not lose their gold or platinum statuses in 2021. However, members who still fly and fuel enough in 2020 to step up tiers for 2021 will still be able to do so. This guarantees that members will receive the benefits they earned until they're back in the sky. As always, points never expire, so members need not be concerned with losing rewards.

Scholarship Opportunities - April 20, 2020
Avfuel released applications for its 2020 AVTRIP Scholarship and 2020 Avfuel Pilot-in-Training Scholarships on Monday, April 20. Learn more and access the applications at 


The Avfuel Training System - April 3, 2020
Keep up on training through FAA-Approved Part 139 line fuel safety and supervisory courses. All initiation fees waived through June 30, 2020.

Remote Work

Employee Work from Home Guide
Tips on best practices for remote work provided by Avfuel

10 Digital Miscommunications—and How to Avoid Them - March 27, 2020
Tactical tips on how to stay connected and supportive provided by Harvard Business Review 

Public Relations and Marketing

Brand Communications in Time of Crisis - March 1, 2020
Situational advice provided by Twitter

How to Survive a Brand Quarantine During Coronavirus - March 12, 2020
Ways to create value and stay productive provided by Adweek

Communicate Operational Changes - April 3, 2020
Reminder to post information that may not appear on NOTAMs

How to Adapt Your PR Strategy for the COVID-19 Outbreak - March 24, 2020
Considerations for communication planning

Build a Positive, Long-Term Reputation in Times of Crisis - March 24, 2020
Three lessons on the importance of data, internal culture and resilient customer-orientation

How Brands are Positioning Their Messages during COVID-19 - March 25, 2020
Who's doing it right and who's missed the mark

Communicate Operational Changes
Reminder to post information that may not appear on NOTAMs

Communicate Operational Changes
Reminder to post information that may not appear on NOTAMs

Tips for Responsible and Smart Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic - April 1, 2020
Communicating with tact

4 Steps to a Social Media Strategy during COVID-19 - April 7, 2020
AdRoll offers key concepts to consider for social distribution channels

Distancing Tip

Avfuel Contract Fuel and AVTRIP are Stress Free and HANDS Free
No need to use a physical card. For contactless processing, FBOs can simply search for tail numbers via the Avfuel Account Lookup tool on Account holders can update their information by logging on to

Wellness Tip

Ways to Reduce Stress
Reminders for a happy, healthy life provided by Avfuel

Stretches to Reduce Aches & Pains
Yoga stretches provided by The Cleveland Clinic 

Giving to the Cause

Looking to contribute? Donate with confidence through vetted organizations:

View on Charity Navigator
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Home Page

Aviation Industry Guidance

Business resources, essential employee guidance, federal agency documents and other useful information.

Coronavirus Resource Page

Coronavirus Resource Page

Support/Relief Programs

Air Carrier Worker Support Relief - March 30, 2020
A note from NATA: Interested individuals should apply through this linkThe Treasury Department will continue to accept applications until 11:59 p.m. EDT on April 27, 2020. However, applications submitted after April 3 may receive less immediate consideration. Applications received after April 27, 2020 may or may not be considered at the discretion of the Treasury Department, subject to the availability of funds. View FAQs

Guidance on CARES Act Loans
Information provided by NATA

Notice from FAA: Enforcement Policy for Expired Airman Medical Certificates
Effective through June 30, 2020

Tax Provisions
Tax provisions outlined by KPMG

CARES Act Tax Holiday FAQ - March 28, 2020 
Helpful information provided by Avfuel

Treasury Loan Application for Air Carriers - April 9, 2020
To receive approval as soon as possible, applicants should submit their completed application materials not later than 5:00 p.m. EDT on April 17, 2020. Applications received after this time will be considered, but may not receive approval as quickly.

$10 Billion CARES Act Airport Grant Program - April 20, 2020
Announcement from U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao

Relief for Business Aviation - April 20, 2020
What you can do to as Congress considers a fourth relief package

NATA Webinar: Addressing Agreement Relief During COVID-19 - April 23, 2020
Industry experts discuss relief considerations for aviation commercial businesses and airport sponsors during COVID-19

Department of Treasury: Updated FAQs on Paycheck Protection Program - April 29, 2020
Guidance concerning implementation of Paycheck Protection Program

NATA Webinar: Training, Checking and Testing Relief - May 12, 2020
A discussion about temporary relief recently granted by the FAA to a number of training, checking, and testing requirements to accommodate current restrictions.

December 27 COVID-19 Relief Bill Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) - January 2021
Information provided by NATA


Information and Resources for "Essential Services" Under Federal Guidance
For FBOs and other general aviation support businesses

COVID-19: Guidance for FBOs and Ground Handlers - March 19, 2020
Operational guidance, action steps, aircraft handling and other plans provided by NATA

Tier 1 Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker Letter - April 10, 2020
Instant download: Word Document for customization

Best Practices for Bizav from MedAire
Prevention and mitigation strategies for flight crews

Aircraft Disinfection and Cleaning Procedures
A summary of CDC recommendations provided by NBAA

Webinar Recording: "The Impacts of COVID-19 on Employment Law"
Best practices for employers - 58 minutes

CDC Employee Guidance by Position
• CSRs/Gate Agents
Aircraft Maintenance Workers
Passenger Assistance Workers
Baggage and Cargo Handlers
Custodial Staff

Guidance for Mitigating Low Use Fuel and Equipment - April 8, 2020
Information provided by NATA

Mandatory Actions for ATA103 - April 2020
Information provided by Airlines for America

COVID-19 Guidance for FBO Operations  - April 2020
Information aggregated by Avfuel

Recommended Practices in Addressing Leasehold Issues - April 2020
Information provided by NATA

Front Counter Barriers for Customer-Facing Positions: Option A  |  Option B
Simple and effective solutions that are easy to install

COVID-19 Supplies from Amazon Business 
This site prioritizes PPE for essential operations. It has been advised to use the chat function to validate your company as an essential business.

PPE, Cleaning and Disinfectant Resources
Recommendations for protocol and where to find supplies.

Update your Listing
Make sure your operational information is up to date and review key differentiators

New CDC Mask Order for Airports, FBOs, Part 135 Operations and More - February 1, 2021
Information provided by NATA

Industry Media: Free Subscriptions

Aviation International News (AIN)
If you have an iPad or Android tablet, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Aviation International News tablet app.

Airport Business
Subscribe to magazine 
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Proper Face Mask Protocol

Helpful tools regarding proper use of face masks from the WHO
How to Put On, Use, Take Off and Dispose »
Do's and Don'ts on Wearing Masks Safely »

Printable Facility Signs

Click images to access downloadable artwork, ready to print and post at your facility

Masks Required Sign

Masks Required
Social Distancing Sign

Social Distancing
Prevent Spread Sign

Prevent Spread

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