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Safety measures, 24/7 support, adapted programs and useful tools


Avfuel is working diligently to support its customers and its community as a resource to safely navigate COVID-19 and sustain business continuity. Below is a snapshot of Avfuel’s coronavirus response:

Prioritizing Safety: Following health regulations, Avfuel employees are operating out of alternative work locations or at a social distance within the office with extra preventative measures to help flatten the curve. Employees are also limiting visitors to the office and travel to business-critical initiatives.

Business Continuity: Avfuel remains committed to 24/7 operations to support customers. All departments—from taxes and marketing to fuel and trip support—remain operational. 

Industry Collaboration: Avfuel experts are collaborating with industry organizations on critical measures, like actions for reduced operations and decommissioning fuel equipment due to coronavirus. 

PPE Manufacturing: To assist with local PPE shortages, Avfuel is creating face mask ear hooks and face shield headbands to protect front line workers. Read more »

Free Training: We are waiving initial subscription fees for our online FAA-Approved Part 139 Supervisory and Line Service Fuel Safety training for Avfuel customers through August 31, 2020. This softens training expenses, and encourages new and recurrent training while face-to-face training is unavailable. Read more »

Protecting AVTRIP Tiers: In reaction to diminished flight activity, we’ve ensured our 47,000+ members of the AVTRIP loyalty program that their gold or platinum tier statuses will remain protected through 2021 so that they won’t lose any benefits. Read more »

Scholarship Apps Released Early: We released our 2020 scholarship applications early for more flexibility. Read more »

Complimentary Consultations: Our flight planning and trip support division, Avplan, maintains complimentary consultations and trip feasibility assistance, 24/7/365.

Tools and Resources: We have provided our customers with a constant flow of communications with resources gleaned from our in-house team, our FBO network, and the industry at large to make certain they don’t miss critical operational best practices or relief accessible to them during this time. The resources in these communications are compiled at

As your trusted partner, we will always be on hand to fulfill your needs and share resources. As the situation continues to evolve, so will our response plan. And as we take steps to assure our employees’ safety while keeping the best interest of our partners in mind, we’ll continue to provide transparent communication. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Avfuel representative or our office directly at 734-663-6466

Thank you for your business.


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