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Business Jet Traveler / James Wynbrandt / February 2019 --  

What It Is: This privately owned company supplies jet fuel and avgas through a network of about 3,000 locations worldwide and more than 650 Avfuel-branded dealers in the U.S. and Europe, including major FBO chains. Avfuel also offers a fuel card, flight support, aviation insurance, and line staff training. 

How It Grew: Founded in 1973 as a regional aviation supply and logistics company, Avfuel was acquired in 1983 by Craig Sincock, a private pilot with an investment-banking background. At the time, the company had around 10 employees but, thanks partly to more than two dozen acquisitions, it now works with around 100 refiners worldwide and employs about 700 people. The company’s Cessna Citation XLS+ and single-engine Corvalis have been “indispensable” to its success, says Sincock, who remains president and CEO. 

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