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The Hottest Private Aviation Trends, From New Aircraft To New Ways To Access Private Jets

Forbes / Doug Gollan / February 2018 - Last month, we asked business aviation CEOs to give their reports on how’s business. In this follow-up, the Bizav leaders highlight key trends impacting private aviation. From apps and mobile bookings to new aircraft type, used aircraft sales, wealth creation, new tax rules, pilot shortages, new types of membership programs, jet cards, fractional ownership, the environment and even freight, we look at what's happening now and what's on the horizon...

Craig Sincock, President & CEO, Avfuel

"Despite the obvious slowdown to destinations such as the Caribbean post-hurricane, the overall business aviation fuel market for the year has been consistently positive, especially in premier resort areas and large financial markets. We’re pleased now to see those areas affected by disastrous weather occurrences are resuming normal operations once again and hope that, barring further events, business aviation fuel demand in such destinations in 2018 could be even higher. In fact, we’re already noticing this trend for 2018: while the business aviation fuel market at the start of ski season in December was just level with the previous year due to lack of snowfall, we saw an uptick in business at these resorts over the holidays and into January 2018.

“The most important trends we’ve been able to identify are two-fold: first, greater acceptance of private air travel, making the most of passengers’ time for both business and leisure with more efficient operations; and second, an increase in the ways to approach flying privately by either owning or chartering an aircraft, or participating in a fractional or card program. Should these trends continue, I believe the industry will be in a great place this time next year.”


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