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Fueling the Business

BART International / Nick Klenske / October 2017 - Like it or not, if we want to fly, we have to fill the tanks. For the business aircraft operator, this is not quite as simple as taxiing up to the pumps and handing over the Visa or Mastercard. Instead, you will quickly discover that how you refuel can save you (or cost you) hundreds of dollars – particularly if you are flying a large jet with tanks capable of taking 25,000 lbs of Jet-A in one session.

...According to Avfuel Vice President of Marketing Marci Ammerman, “fuel is fuel, plain and simple – meaning you have to be able to offer more than just fuel to provide real value to a customer.” This thought encapsulates the strategy behind Avfuel’s success – offer more. In Avfuel’s case, that includes supplying fuel and services to FBOs, flight departments, helicopters, major and regional airlines, freight and cargo companies and military operations – as well as trip support and a robust pilot incentive program.


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