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ANN ARBOR, Mich. / October 13, 2017 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS – Avfuel announced Aero Mark—its branded FBO in Idaho Falls, ID—as the winner of the Tronair JetPorter in its Get Pulled In giveaway on Wednesday, Oct. 11, at NBAA BACE. Aero Mark will have the opportunity to personalize the design of the JetPorter before it arrives at its facility as an added bonus. 

The giveaway—valued at about $35,000—provides Aero Mark with a piece of towing equipment known for its zero-degree turning technology; dual motors that assist with turning capabilities; regenerative braking to slowly bring the device to a controlled stop, thus eliminating wingtip shift; an automatic parking brake for further safety; a low profile, which assists with approaching aircraft; GPU assist and on-board charging; and softcapture technology that only contacts the nose landing gear tires.

Avfuel customers earned up to 10 chances to win the tug by engaging with the Avfuel Network: having a current contract as a branded location, showing their Avfuel branding, participating in AVTRIP, transacting Avfuel Contract Fuel, having an active subscription to the online Avfuel Training System and participating in Avfuel Network Referrals.

“It was such a fun promotion for us, Tronair and our customers,” said Marci Ammerman, Avfuel’s vice president of marketing. “We often run promotions just for pilots, so it was fun to open it up to our Avfuel customers and offer a valuable tool for maximizing participation in our offerings, which are ultimately designed to support sales and operations. The response we received from everyone was overwhelmingly positive and we are so pleased to present this new tug to our friends at Aero Mark, who have been loyal branded partners since 2014.”  

In operation since 1984, Aero Mark offers its customers a beautiful, expansive FBO facility, hangar space able to accommodate aircraft as large as an MD-80, the convenience of zero ramp or facility fees, and competitive prices on fuel and services. In addition to top-notch amenities, Aero Mark offers guests convenient access to Sun Valley, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole and Salt Lake City. 


Avfuel provides fuel and services to the global aviation industry and is the leading independent supplier in the United States.  Established as a supply and logistics company more than 40 years ago, Avfuel is core competent in every aspect that surrounds the delivery of fuel – from refinery to wingtip.  Avfuel combines global access with personalized service throughout a fueling network of more than 3,000 locations worldwide and 650+ Avfuel-branded dealers. Our 100% dedication to aviation demonstrates our passion and commitment to a global community that prospers on the movement of goods and services around the world.

Avfuel Corporation: Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing, 734-663-6466,,,, Twitter: @Avfuel


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