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Hawthorne Hangar Operations Opens Full-Service, Avfuel-Branded FBO at KHHR

HAWTHORNE, Calif. / August 2, 2017 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS – Hawthorne Hangar Operations (HHO) opened its full-service location as an Avfuel-branded FBO and CAA Preferred FBO at Jack Northrop Field/Hawthorne Municipal Airport (KHHR) on August 1.

One of the FBO’s greatest features is its convenience—located near Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Long Beach, HHO provides a perfect location to fly in, fuel up and hop over to a final destination without the hassle of the congested airspace found at LAX and other metro-area airports. In addition, HHO grants guests easy access to major freeways leading to the cities, placing guests just 4 nm east of Los Angeles International Airport, 8 nm south east of Santa Monica Municipal Airport and 11 nm north west of Long Beach Airport.

“Hawthorne Hangar Operations is a key location for the Avfuel Network because it’s in the middle of it all,” said Mark Haynes, Avfuel’s vice president of sales. “They offer everything guests would expect from a big-city FBO without the traffic and hassle you’d expect from an airport like LAX.”

In addition to its central metro location, HHO is also centrally located on the air field in the Wolfe Air hangar facility (turnout Delta on runway 7-25). HHO offers guests both Jet A and Avgas with all the amenities discerning guests expect from a customer-centric FBO, including concierge services for every client. For transaction ease, HHO accepts most forms of payment and—while a fuel truck is forthcoming—the FBO offers self-serve fueling fully staffed with an attendant.

“We’ve been a presence on this field for more than 7 years in hangar operations, Aerial Photography and production, under our owner’s—Dan Wolfe’s—Umbrella of companies,” said Jim Schulte, Hawthorne Hangar Operations’ general manager. “We recognized a need for another FBO on the field and seized the opportunity—it was a natural transition and one we’re excited to execute with the professionalism and safety standards we’ve developed over the years.”  


Hawthorne Hangar Operations (HHO) is a new full-service FBO centrally located on the Hawthorne Municipal Airport field in the Wolfe Air hangar facility (turnout Delta on runway 7-25). Offering both Jet A and Avgas, HHO began operations as KHHR’s CAA-preferred FBO on August 1, 2017. HHO offers all the amenities discerning guests expect from a customer-centric FBO, complete with concierge services for every client. With a fuel truck forthcoming, guests can now fly in and fuel up at HHO’s self-serve unit—staffed with an attendant—with most forms of payment accepted for transaction ease.

Avfuel Corporation: Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing, 734-663-6466,
[email protected],,, Twitter: @Avfuel
Hawthorne Hangar Operations: Kevin LaCava, Marketing Manager, 602-321-3351, [email protected]


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