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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / May 20, 2016 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS – London City Airport, an Avfuel Preferred Contract Fuel location, provides unparalleled access to the financial district and the City of London. Just four miles from Canary Wharf and nine miles from Mayfair, London City Airport should always be the first choice for business aviation customers visiting London. 

As demand for using the airport increases in line with an increase in London movements, London City Airport recognized the opportunity to substantially review its pricing. The resulting new rates make it easier for more customers to enjoy fast access to the centre of London by flying into London City.

Nick Rise, director of business aviation at London City, said, “The London market is enjoying a revival and this is the time to review pricing for landing in London. Customers are more conscious of price and value for money. This has led to an increase in traffic for light and mid-sized aircraft and, as a result, London City Airport is able to review its pricing and pass these savings on to the customer.”

“Landing at London airports is generally expensive with many FBOs making excessive charges for services that have little resemblance to the cost of providing the service,” said Rise. “At London City Airport, you will find clear, all-inclusive tariffs that represent value for money. In effect, the airport is returning more than £1million to customers with this initiative.”

In addition, London City offers a 90 second promise to customers travelling through its exclusive Jet Centre – it takes just 90 seconds from car to aircraft on departure and aircraft to car on arrival.

“As an airport in London’s Zone 3 just minutes from the key financial and business districts, and guaranteeing only 90 seconds from the car to your aircraft, we offer a time-saving proposition that no other airport in the southeast can support,” said Rose. “I welcome customers both old and new to take advantage of our new pricing structure.”

Operators visiting London City are encouraged to contact Avfuel’s Dan Bull for special contract fuel pricing: [email protected]


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