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EBACE 2016: Avfuel Network Assembles at Convention

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, May 20, 2016 / BUSINESS AVIATION NEWS – As the Avfuel Network continues to grow across Europe, the fuel supplier’s branded FBOs come together with Avfuel representatives to meet with convention-goers at EBACE 2016.

Among those in attendance are staff members from Avflight (EGAC), Banyan Air Service (KFXE), Fargo Jet Center (KFAR) and Premier Jet Center (KFCM), Sheltair (17 locations), SouthAir Iceland (BIKF), Air Service Basel (LFSB), and Duncan Aviation (KAZO, KBTL, KLNK).

“There’s great value to exhibiting at EBACE,” said C.R. Sincock, Avfuel’s managing director of international business development. “The European market is one of the world’s larger aviation markets, and it’s an area we believe we can provide a superior service to the industry.”

Of Avfuel’s 13 European FBOs, four were added in the past year—Waterford Regional Airport in Waterford, Ireland (EIWF); The Private Jet Company in the Isle of Man, UK (EGNS); Marshall Aviation Services in Birmingham, UK (EGBB); and Woodgate Aviation at Belfast International Airport in Northern Ireland (EGAA)—a testament to the focus Avfuel has placed on its international expansion. Beyond its FBO services, Avfuel also provides contract fuel at more than 3,000 global locations and is VAT registered in the majority of European Union countries while currently undergoing the registration process to include all major EU countries, further serving the aviation market in Europe and abroad.

Despite a slow market, Sincock remains hopeful about the European landscape.

“Markets ebb and flow,” said Sincock. “And while the European market is, in general, slow to regain activity as reported by WINGX, we’re confident that business will stabilize over time and begin to grow, particularly as low fuel prices remain persistent.”

Sincock also notes that there are areas of increased activity in the European market.

“You look at Italy, Greece, the south of France and Sweden—these popular travel destinations saw growth in March according to WINGX. In the April report, we saw activity begin to stabilize as Germany regained growth, the U.K. added activity, and jet activity including light, super light, super midsize, ultra-long range and very light increased. We don’t believe the rest of the European market will be too far behind,” said Sincock. “Overall, departures across Europe were up by 0.1 percent. The report also shows transatlantic traffic into Europe from the United States, Middle East and West Africa is on the rise, to which our American-based FBOs exhibiting with us can attest; we expect continental traffic to follow suit.” And when it does pick up, Sincock says they’ll be ready.

“We’re well-represented with an array of high-quality FBOs in Europe,” said Sincock. “Our Network FBOs are always ready to deliver stellar service to each and every customer that crosses their ramp. Exhibiting at EBACE is an outlet for the Avfuel Network to communicate our capabilities to valued international customers, strengthening our Network value.”

Visit representatives from Avfuel and its co-exhibitors in Booth G089 to learn more about their Network of locations, providing global connectivity and the industry’s preferred aviation solutions.


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