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Schedulers and Dispatchers 2016: Avfuel's Fuel Handling Training Provides Benefits to Flight Departments

January 18, 2016 / BUSINESS AVIATION NEWS / TAMPA, FL - Avfuel Corporation’s fuel handling training system not only benefits its network of branded FBOs, but can also provide a valuable supplemental resource to the industry’s flight departments especially ideal for those with their own fuel storage systems.

The modules focus on educating users on proper fuel handling and fire safety techniques, aviation fuels and additives, fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII), contaminants and fuel-testing methods, procedures for receiving a load of aviation fuel, aviation fueling components, fuel storage systems, mobile refueling equipment, aircraft fueling and general operations, and paperwork. Designed to complement hands-on training, the rampside course offers a learn-at-your-own-pace format ideal for both new employees and recurrent training programs with the use of video tutorials, proficiency tests and supplemental training guides.

Having released five new modules for its Online Fuel Handling Training Course at the end of 2015, users have an even larger breadth of comprehensive training resources at their fingertips to ensure safe and efficient fuel and ground handling, promoting higher safety standards in the aviation industry. These new modules include tips for trainers, aircraft marshalling, towing, radio etiquette and record keeping.

Flight departments can rest assured that when they fly to Avfuel branded FBOs, they’re choosing locations that have access to this same comprehensive resource for a safe, reliable experience.

“Avfuel’s highest mission is safety,” said Buffey Muth, marketing manager for Avfuel. “We’re passionate about providing our customers with the tools to not only meet, but exceed industry safety standards. Flight departments will also find the Online Fuel Handling Training Course beneficial for training employees in a cost-effective, yet efficient and thorough manner, as do our branded FBOs.”

Avfuel’s training system came in response to an industry-wide push for standardized practices. Knowing not all companies can afford the steep price of supplemental fuel handling training programs—an issue exasperated by employee turnover and recurrent training needs—Avfuel developed its online learning management system to offer cost-effective training solutions. With only one subscription needed at each organization to cover every employee, the course is beneficial for both large and small operations.

 To learn more about Avfuel’s training programs, call 734-663-6466 or visit

Avfuel Corporation: Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing
734-663-6466, [email protected],,, Twitter: @Avfuel  


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