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Avfuel Blog

Technology’s Changing Our Interactions

May  4,  2017

With the increase in technology use, we’ve seen a shift in the way our industry approaches fuel transactions. In times past, the sales personnel at the front counter or through the fuel supplier was the first point of contact. Now, the first point of contact is often online through one of a number of fuel pricing indexes.

Beyond the Oil: What Affects Fuel Price

April  18,  2017

Operators are really paying attention to the cost of a gallon of fuel—even more so than ever before—and noticing the discrepancy in price across the globe. 

Jet A vs. Avgas

April  11,  2017

Not all fuel is the same—just like you wouldn’t want to put diesel in your car that calls for 87 MON gas, you would never want to put the wrong fuel in your aircraft.

What's Wrong With My Truck?

April  4,  2017

It happens—operations are going smoothly, business is great and then, something goes wrong—something’s not quite right with your refueler, but what?

Efficient Prospecting

March  17,  2017

Every FBO should have a prospect list and communicate frequently with staff about high-priority potential customers. Consistently focus on a manageable list of 10. 


What Impacts Your Fuel Price?

February  24,  2017

One of the largest drivers of the price of fuel is the price of crude oil. And as much as we love to predict what will happen with the price of oil, oil prices are constantly fluctuating. What drives the price?

Avoid a Costly Mistake When Choosing Where to Fuel

January  27,  2017

When deciding where to fuel, often, price is at the top of the consideration list—but using price alone to decide where to stop and buy your fuel can be a costly mistake.

Ring in the New Year with Resolutions Set Up for Success

December  30,  2016

We're approaching that time of year when everyone's buzzing about their New Year's resolutions. In order to make one that you can truly stick with all year round, be sure to frame it as a S.M.A.R.T. goal! 

Where to Fuel--Choosing a Place

December  16,  2016

When choosing where to fuel, three major factors include location, benefits and cost. 

Location. Modern jets are much more fuel efficient, meaning the ball is now in your court—you get to be choosey...

How to Handle High Turnover

December  6,  2016

Turnover can be one of the most challenging aspects of running any business, let alone a fueling business that requires a comprehensive understanding of operations for safety purposes. This is one of the greatest challenges we see FBOs face—losing an employee that just went through training. In order to handle turnover, FBOs need a training system that works for them.


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