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Avfuel Blog

The Runway to the Olympics

February  2,  2018

Flying internationally is no simple business. But flying in for a major, global event—like the Olympics—can be downright complicated. We sat down with Avplan Trip Support Account Manager David Kang to talk about GA logistics and what flight departments headed to Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the 2018 Winter Olympics might experience.

What Makes Flying So Safe

October  30,  2017

Despite the anxiety felt by many people over the prospect of flying, aviation is one of the safest modes of transportation. Your time in the sky is even safer than your transportation to and from the airport. Why? Because it’s one of the most highly regulated modes of transportation.

Maximize Your Space: Hangar Stacking

September  14,  2017

As an FBO, one of the best ways to accommodate more customers—thereby increasing revenue and offsetting operational costs—is to have the capability to stack your hangar. By fitting more aircraft into your existing space, you’re able to increase your revenue per square foot and hopefully attract more tenant or transient traffic—what could be better?

Do You Really Need to Go to Conventions?

September  1,  2017

The short answer? Yes. 

Conventions are invaluable opportunities to meet face to face with hundreds of current customers and prospects. 

Long Live Fly Ins

June  28,  2017

The spirit of general aviation is nowhere better represented than at the fly in. It’s the ultimate combination of hobbyists, career aviators and aviation enthusiasts meeting in one place to celebrate the diversity of our industry.

How Identifiers are Chosen

June  2,  2017

The globally recognized airport identifiers we’ve come to know—LAX, LGA, HOU, etc.—are determined by the Montreal-based International Air Transport Association (IATA). But how did IATA decide?

Technology’s Changing Our Interactions

May  4,  2017

With the increase in technology use, we’ve seen a shift in the way our industry approaches fuel transactions. In times past, the sales personnel at the front counter or through the fuel supplier was the first point of contact. Now, the first point of contact is often online through one of a number of fuel pricing indexes.

Beyond the Oil: What Affects Fuel Price

April  18,  2017

Operators are really paying attention to the cost of a gallon of fuel—even more so than ever before—and noticing the discrepancy in price across the globe. 

Jet A vs. Avgas

April  11,  2017

Not all fuel is the same—just like you wouldn’t want to put diesel in your car that calls for 87 MON gas, you would never want to put the wrong fuel in your aircraft.

What's Wrong With My Truck?

April  4,  2017

It happens—operations are going smoothly, business is great and then, something goes wrong—something’s not quite right with your refueler, but what?


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