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‘FAA prohibits U.S. flights over Crimea and Syria’

Charter – 135 operations into Europe.

The European Aviation Safety Agency will require all US Part 135 operators to apply and gain approval under their Third Country Operators (TCO) authorization. Applying for this approval is much like applying for an FAA Certificate including a lengthy technical questionnaire. Below is directly from the EASA-TCO website and details the process. Answers to most questions regarding the TCO process can be found online at the above link, or by emailing EASA-TCO ; . Of course, customers may also email us for more details and to get the process started.

 1. The operator should follow the process on the EASA website. EASA will publish the necessary details in order to begin the application process in suitable time. 

2. Once EASA has received an application, and the eligibility is confirmed, the operator will receive log-on credentials to the dedicated web-based TCO software application. This serves as the primary means of communication throughout the process. 

3. After EASA has received the filled-in online questionnaire it will decide if further in-depth assessment is necessary and inform the applicant accordingly. 

4. As soon as the assessment is completed, and a positive decision is taken, the operator will receive its TCO authorisation document and associated technical specifications.”


NBAA’s EASA TCO information page



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