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Advisories and Updates

 European flight plan filing reminder!

    February 6, 2019
On 31 Jan 2019, Eurocontrol will enforce the rule that aircraft registration must be included in section 18; having it in section 7 is insufficient. Failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection of FPL strip. This enforcement is in compliance with ICAO Doc 7030 EUR 2-2 section For the Eurocontrol memo, please visit the Network Operations Portal via the link below; once the site loads, access the memo from the AIM section within the “PreTactical” tab in the top menu.
Open ICAO Doc 7030 »
  Visit the Network Operations Portal »

 Traveling with Pets in the UK

    February 1, 2019
Traveling with a pet to the UK is more complex than any of the other EU countries. Unlike any of the other EU countries, the UK requires the operator to be approved by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). The approval requires the operator to submit an AOC as part of the application process, which greatly complicates matters for part 91 operators. Note that the current list of approved operators only include airlines and charter operators as per AOC requirement. The operator must also obtain permission to clear at specific airports; a permit for EGKB does not necessarily mean you can legally clear a pet at EGLF. The process of obtaining permission entails a long lead time of 6-8 weeks, so it behooves all operators to start this process early!
Check if you can bring your pet: View the article on Gov.UK »
  View the list of transport companies and routes to bring your pet on Gov.UK »

 First Change for NAT Procedures on the Horizon

    January 22, 2019
Starting 28 March 2019, a new procedure will be available on a trial basis: ASEPS (Advanced Surveillance Enhanced Procedural Separation). You will need ADS-B to participate in the Shanwick, Gander and Santa Maria FIRs. Please review the provided NAT bulletin for additional information.
View the NAT Ops Bulletin »

 Are you ready for the ADS-B Out Mandate?

 January 2, 2019
We are less than 365 days away from the deadline and in the proverbial “two minute warning”. Get a plan together or get grounded!
Access additional details on FAA's website »


 Seletar Airport has been declared as a schedules facilitated airport

 with effect from 28 October 2018

 October 29, 2018
   1.1 Seletar Airport has been declared as a schedules facilitated airport with effect from 28 October 2018 under section 71C of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Act. With the growing demand for air travel and increasing air traffic at Seletar Airport, this will help to ensure efficiency of aircraft operations and optimisation of airport resources.
   Read the full circular »


Charter – 135 Operations into Europe

The European Aviation Safety Agency will require all US Part 135 operators to apply and gain approval under their Third Country Operators (TCO) authorization. Applying for this approval is much like applying for an FAA Certificate including a lengthy technical questionnaire. Below is directly from the EASA-TCO website and details the process. Answers to most questions regarding the TCO process can be found online at the above link, or by emailing EASA-TCO ; . Of course, customers may also email us for more details and to get the process started.
   1.  The operator should follow the process on the EASA website. EASA will publish the necessary details in order to begin the application process in suitable time. 
  2. Once EASA has received an application, and the eligibility is confirmed, the operator will receive log-on credentials to the dedicated web-based TCO software application. This serves as the primary means of communication throughout the process. 
   3.  After EASA has received the filled-in online questionnaire it will decide if further in-depth assessment is necessary and inform the applicant accordingly. 
   4. As soon as the assessment is completed, and a positive decision is taken, the operator will receive its TCO authorisation document and associated technical specifications
View more information about Third Country Operators (TCO) on EASA's website »



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